This is (finally) happening.

Enough starts and stops. I’m doing this. I’m blogging. Starting today, Saturday, September 30, 2017. Don’t mind the publish date of this post…

Thirty-six-year-old me doesn’t remember how thirty-one-year-old me had a plan to blog. Sure enough, though, I recently tried to make a WordPress account only to find that I already had an account and a blog. Or, at least, a start.

I had a pretty interesting concept back then, I think — 200-word tangents. That has me written all over it. I did and do give into my every urge to go on a tangent (ask my students). And I like the goal-oriented approach. 200 words a post is doable and would keep me honest about my efforts. But I think I’ve gotten a little more long winded in the last few years. And that’s only one way my life has changed in the past half-decade.

Tangents from my early thirties would have likely been on subjects such as sports, dating (or not), life as one of “all the single ladies” (cue Beyonce), living in Boston as a Midwestern transplant, grad school, teaching, and running. Current tangents/future posts will be on subjects such as married life, stepmommin’, suburban living back in Wisconsin, and sports, teaching, and more running.

So farewell, “200-Word Tangents” and hello, “Recalculating.” Get ready for a relaunch.


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