I was driving home the other day–or, at least I thought I was before I saw a sign that welcomed me to a different city. “What the…?” I thought, even though this is a fairly common occurrence. I get turned around ALL THE TIME. The only difference this time was that I had started in the city I live in, so it shouldn’t have been all that difficult to find my way home. That is to say, this experience was no different at all.

I pulled out my GPS system. It gave me the usual warning that I had an outdated version of maps and, as usual, I clicked “okay.” Because I’m a rebel. And cheap. I foolishly have no intention to pay for an upgrade on this device. I pressed the button for “recent locations” and then clicked on my home address. While it processed, I turned because, well, I just had a feeling, which prompted my electronic friend to immediately say, “Recalculating…” She then informed me that I was 19 minutes away from my house.

I had started 8 minutes from home, so I had more than tripled my drive time back. This is what they call a standard (not safety) feature with the Amy Lester Menzel model.

The whole situation is a near-perfect analogy for my life.

I, like many I’m sure, had a vision of how my life would go. It’s not so much that I had a plan, but a bunch of expectations that were, no doubt, planted by society and accepted by my naivety. So it’s not that things didn’t go as planned as much as things have just gone in directions I would have never expected. I’ve gone in directions I would have never expected.

I drive my car much like I lead my life. I sometimes stubbornly/determinedly set forth convinced I know where I’m going. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Regardless, I often need to recalculate, whether prompted or not. Other times I follow directions, and I still get lost. If I really want to get to my destination, though, I do. Eventually.

Meanwhile, I am (almost) always amused by the surprises along the way. I’m not afraid to change course for a great opportunity, be it a job offer or an outlet mall. And I’ve gotten used to hearing, “Recalculating…”

I don’t think any of this is going to change, which means I’m pretty sure I’m unsure of what’s to come. But I know it’ll make for an interesting trip.

And this brings me to my website photo. Above is a picture of my husband and me. It’s from our first trip together; we’re on a ride at EPCOT. I have a lot of pictures of me on this ride, because I used to work at this particular attraction when I participated in the Disney College Program. That was nearly 16 years ago. Back then my head was filled with all sorts of ideas and expectations about where I was headed. Back then, the sound of “Recalculating…” panicked me. But look at me now. Look at as us up there.

When my husband first saw this blog, he said, “Of all the photos, why that one?” To me, it’s obvious. It’s “Recalculating…” It’s my life, it’s our life, and I love it.

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