Just a few of things I’ve been loving about the Brewers postseason

With just a few hours to go until the first pitch of GAME 7!, I’ll keep this short. Here are the top 5 things I’ve been loving about the Brewers postseason run…

  1. All the feels. And when I say “all,” I mean all. I love the excitement, the frustration, the anxiety, the disappointment, the happiness, and all the other feels we don’t have words in the English language to define. It’s exhilarating. It’s why I love sports. I don’t understand sports fans who “can’t watch” at times. In fact (and this may take another post to fully explain), I much prefer a close game than a blowout–even if my team is victorious in the latter. And (brace yourself), even if my team is defeated in the former. (I would yell “YOLO!” here if I didn’t think that phrase was obnoxious.)
  2. That Dodger Stadium organist. I’m not sure how much of his whimsy you caught, but I was tickled when I recognized parts of the theme from the haunted mansion Disney ride embedded within the more typical ballpark soundtrack. I heard The Simpsons theme thrown in there a few times too. I had to know more and, a quick Google search proved that I’m not the only one impressed by this guy. His name is Dieter Ruehle and back in June he told Billboard magazine about landing his dream job. I enjoyed watching those games at Dodger Stadium, but I hope he’s settled into off-season mode now.
  3. The proper use of the phrase “must-win game.” I LOVE me a Game 7 for all the reasons explained in number one above, but more so because it’s one of the rare occasions that the term “must-win game” is used appropriately. Few things irk me more as a sports fan than that hyperbolic proclamation, “This is a must-win game,” when it is not, in fact, a must-win game. I get what you’re going for, folks, but slow your roll. It’s disrespectful to a real must-win game–and all the feels that go with it–to throw this term around. Tonight, though…tonight is a must-win game. PLAY. BALL.
  4. Watching old men enthusiastically but unintentionally use spirit fingers while attempting to show the Brewers some love. This may be a little childish, but I mean no harm. Really. I just think it’s funny to watch guys celebrate with spirit fingers that may have gotten them a walk-on role in Bring It On as they try to give the Brewers some love. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you may be that guy. It’s okay. You just do you. And maybe check out the story behind “Love Nation,” as Jesús Aguilar calls it.
  5. The anticipation…



NLCS Game 1 – the view from the very top row

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