Our Newest Addition

Here’s a little riddle about our newest addition:

  • It’s brought us great joy, but it’s not “a new little bundle of joy.” (I am not pregnant, people.)
  • The three of us share responsibility for feeding it daily, but it’s not a pet. (Sorry, not sorry, Ian.)
  • It lives in the kitchen, but it’s not a plant. (And all things green breathe a collective sigh of relief, since I do not have a green thumb.)
  • Oh, and it’s beautiful.

Any guesses??


It’s a gratitude jar!

The concept is pretty simple. And, by pretty simple, I mean I stole the idea from Oprah. In fact, it was one of her “favorite things 2017.” And, by stole, I mean I took the idea and made a cheaper version of it because, while I aspire to be Oprah, I do not have her income. (But let’s be honest…even if I did have her kind of money, I wouldn’t pay $45 for something like this because I’m super duper cheap.)

So sometime in late December, I went to Hobby Lobby with the expressed purpose of creating our own version of a gratitude jar. I spent $19.99 on what I deemed to be the perfect glass jar after browsing and contemplating for over 20 minutes. Then I dropped a few more bucks on a pack of colorful cardstock. I rushed home to get started. All I really needed to do was cut the cardstock into strips, which I did while Ben practiced putting on his new putting green and Ian raced cars around his new racetrack (thanks, Santa!). We all created and practiced and played with smiles. I was sure we all had much to be grateful for.

And I was right.

In fact, I think my first addition to the gratitude jar was a note about how grateful I was that both Ben and Ian embraced our gratitude jar. We all agreed that every day someone would add something. Like I said, it’s simple. Each day, one of us has to think of something we are grateful for. We write it down, date it, and add it to the jar. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, just a thing (or person or place or event or feeling) that we stop and appreciate. Sometimes we share what we’ve written down; other times, we don’t.

The plan was to spend the year filling the jar with wonderful notes and then relive the yearful of blessings together. But our jar runneth over. Which, of course, is something we’re quite grateful for.


This is our newest addition, our newest tradition. It’s beautiful and it brings more joy into our lives. Bonus: I can’t kill it.



Ian, showing everyone how easy it is to add to the gratitude jar.

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